Medtruck International Logistic Services

Whether projects in the field of marine supply industry, oil & gas, power generation, industrial plant construction or mechanical engineering, thanks to our highly qualified staff as well as our state-of-the art techniques for transport planning and operation, we meet our customers’ constantly growing requirements.

Road transport

  • FTL on Internal and International
  • Transport
  • Express Routing
  • Groupage Services

RailFreight Logistics

Railfreight Logistics

  • Express Delivery of Project Cargo on German Vagons
  • Fast Positioning and Transit Time
  • Conecting to the North European Ports
  • Profesional Handling

Sea freight Logistics


  • FCL & LCL Door to Door Movement
  • Weekly Departures
  • Combined Transport Sea-Truck-Rail

Air freight Logistics


  • Cargo consolidation
  • Custom formalities
  • Fastest pick up/delivery



Heavy Lift, Oversize Transport

  • Loading, unloading, transshipment;
  • Removal or insertion from / into foundations of various equipment such as hydraulic presses, printing equipment, production lines for various industries;
  • Positioning on platforms of very heavy equipment: transformers, generators, turbines;
  • Moving of equipment from one position to another;
  • Passage of equipment from vertical to horizontal for transport purposes (vertical hydraulic presses, reactors, towers, etc.)
  • Replacement of existing production means;
  • New investment in equipment by clients (often delivered in parts);

Special Transport & Project Cargo

  • Oversized and/or heavy transport, carried out with our own transport equipment to satisfy the most demanding requirements plus we can handle the most complex transport capacities.
  • Project cargo (door-to-door transport) for oversized and heavy cargo, where we may combine, depending on destination, weight and size, several different types of transport: by road, sea, inland waters or rail.