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With professional agents everywhere in the world, Med Truck International is reliable for its clients’ door to door shipments. Its services are based on some of the most comprehensive and efficient transport networks in the world.

Our advantages are:

  • Excellent transport solutions, combining good prices with rapid ness and full safety of the on-carriage;
  • The technical and commercial competence of our team;
  • Seriousness and promptness in carrying on the transports;
  • A complete database referring to restrictions, problems, external furniture which may occur during the transport, referring to roads, frontiers, relief or particularities of the cities, etc…
  • Sound knowledge of the Romanian transport specificities;
  • Fast finding the best solution for solving all problems related to the logistics or techniques of the on-carriage.

Med Truck International owns presently :

  • 2 trans containers dedicated for 20” & 40 “ containers , with head tractor 4×2 Volvo ,
  • 3 special trans containers 2 connect, meaning a train made of 2 platforms, enabling transport of 2 separate 20” containers at the same time up to 60 to wheight, with head tractors 6×2 DAF, 4×2 VOLVO,
  • special equipm 3 axles semi & extendable, with a 4×2 head tractor Volvo, suitable for:
    • small construction machines, up to max weight 30 t ;
    • industrial parts &pieces , max length 12 m, max weight 30t;
    • 1 special equip. 3 axles double extendable platform , with a 6x 4 head tractor Volvo, suitable for :
      • various parts of windmill turbines , such as blades or tower component parts up to a max length of 40 m, max weight of 15 t;
      • all kind of tubes , pipes , beams, girders , to a max length 40 m;
      • tanks, cylinders, vents up to a max diameter of 2,70 m , max weight of 30 t;
  • special equip. 4 axles semi & extendable with hydraulic ramps, with a 6×2 head tractor DAF, suitable for :
    • constructions machines, especially on trucks, up to a width of 3,10 m and a weight of 45 t;
    • various parts of windmill turbines, such as hus, spinners , power units, trafos , etc , to a max weight of 55 t;
  • special equip. 6 axles semi & extendable, with a head tractor 6×4 Scania, suitable for:\
    • various parts of windmills, such as nacelles, hubs , up to a max length of 30 m and a max weight of 70 t;
    • industrial forged and casted parts, such as navy shafts, mould steel units, etc, to a max weight of 70 t;
    • construction machines , up to a max width of 3 m and max weight of 60 t ;
    • beer tanks, various reservoirs, up to a max diameter of 7 m, max weight of 60 t ;
  • 1 special equip. modular trailer 10 axles Scheurle brand new, with a head tractor MAN 8×4 /41.680 top of the scale, suitable for:
    • construction machines , up to a max width of 4 m, up to a max weight of 100 t ;
    • various parts of windmill turbines, such as nacelles, power units , components of towers , up to a max length of 22 m, up to a max weight of 120 t ;
    • industry trafos up to a max weight of 140 t ;
    • industrial parts for navy and chemical industry, up to a length of 20 m and a weight of 140 t ;

What is Heavy Lift ?


The transportation, handling and installation of heavy items which are indivisible, and of weights generally accepted to be in the range of 1 ton to over 1000 tons and of widths/heights of more than 100 meters that are too large to fit into normal containers or onto conventional transporters. These oversized items are transported from one place to another (sometimes across country borders) then lifted or installed into place. Characteristic for heavy lift goods is the absence of standardization which requires an individual transport planning.

Typical Items
Generators, turbines, reactors, boilers, towers, casting, heaters, presses, locomotives, boats, satellites, military personnel and equipment. In the offshore industry, parts of oil rigs and production platforms are also lifted; some of these are also removed at the end of an installation’s working life. Recent notable lifts have included several of >2000 short tons in the de-commissioning of the North West Hutton oil field in the (British sector of) the North Sea.

To transport heavy lift items special trucks or trailers (flatbeds) are used, which are especially suitable therefor due to their large loading area and capacities. For air transports special large-volume and strong cargo aircrafts like the Antonov An-225 are employed which can move up to 250 tons of freight. On inland waters barges are often used. Transports at sea carry out special heavy lift vessels which often possess won cranes for loading and discharging cargo. Transportation of heavy lift items ranks among the most challenging and complex services in logistics and is handled by specialized companies.

What is Cargo consolidation ?

Cargo consolidation service provided by a freight forwarder in which several smaller shipments are assembled and shipped together to avail of better freightrates and security of cargo. Also called assembly service, cargo consolidation, or freight consolidation.

Our Rail Transport Services include

  • Block train, single-car and intermodal transport
  • Hazardous goods and oversized shipments
  • Services to and from the Commonwealth of Independent States, central Asia and southeastern Europe
  • Special services, including supplying raw materials to manufacturers, rail-connected consolidation hubs for retailers, and complete management of major industrial projects

Our Seafreight Services include :

  • Barge
  • FCL (Full Container Load)
  • LCL (Less than Container Load)
  • 20’/40’
  • 20’/40’HC
  • 20’/40’OT
  • 20’/40’ FR
  • 20’/40’ Platform
  • NCC (Non Containerized Cargo) – machine parts, generators, turbines, windmill parts and voluminous cargo such as paper rolls and other forestry products